Does Malika Andrews Have A Boyfriend? 

Does Malika Andrews Have A Boyfriend? 

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September 11, 2023

Malika Andrews has become a household name in the National Basketball Association. The NBA Today host is a fan favorite and a widely respected figure in the NBA community. On NBA draft night, the NBA host caused a stir by inappropriately associating Brandon Miller with a horrific gun incident from his background. How much do we really know about Malika Andrews’s rumored boyfriend or current relationship?

Is Malika Andrews Having a Boyfriend?

Born Name Malika Rose Andrews
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 58 kg
DOB January 27, 1995
Zodiac Aquarius
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Born Place Oakland, California, United States
Zodiac Aquarius
Sexual Orientation Straight

Can We Assume That Malika Andrews Is Dating Anyone? Is There Such a Person?

According to reports in the media, NBA reporter Malika Andrews is dating someone. However, Malika hasn’t revealed much about herself yet. However, she didn’t hold back while discussing her partner on the podcast Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy. She mentioned that she and her partner were living in New York at the onset of the COVID outbreak while chatting about the city on the show. She also revealed that she and her boyfriend had researched the topic they planned to ask the NBA champion.

The ESPN reporter did not reveal her boyfriend’s name or any other personal information, although she said that she has a partner. Instead, Malika’s professional life was the focus of the podcast, rather than her personal life. But it’s true that rumors have been spreading about her illicit love affair. In addition, I have included a rundown of all the men she has allegedly dated.

Malika and Dave McMenamin: Dating or Just Rumors?

When Malika and her NBA teammate Dave McMenamin made a surprise appearance on Twitter in 2022, the internet went wild. Her images showing her with a wedding ring on her finger sparked widespread speculation that they were a couple.

When discussing Brandon Miller, Malika Andrews recalls unfavorable experiences

After hearing his name called during the draft, Victor was the next in line, followed by Brandon Miller. Young people’s dreams come true at the NBA draft. As their names are called, they experience the fulfillment of a long-held wish. Miller, the second overall choice in the 2023 draft, experienced the same thing. However, both the fans and the audience became perplexed when Malika Andrews brought up Brandon’s history. Miller’s name was mentioned in connection with a murder that took place in January of this year.  No higher-ups have said anything about this yet. Several clips of Malika were shown, and it seems like Andrews included some irrelevant details while talking about something else.

Fans have revealed a photo of Malika’s lover, which has resulted in an avalanche of feedback. Dave McMenamin is depicted in this photo. Dave has been working as a journalist and NBA columnist for ESPN since 2009. A while ago, rumors began circulating that the two were an item.

Nevertheless, they have both denied the rumors. The two may be keeping their relationship confidential for professional reasons. It remains to be seen if the issue of draft night will be resolved.

Where did Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin first become acquainted?


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Since they are both in the entertainment industry, it is safe to infer that Dave and Malika met after her 2020 television debut. Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin became friends afterward, and their relationship appears to have progressed to a more meaningful level.


What is Malika Andrews’s age range?

The age of Malika Andrews is 28.

Has Malika Andrews found love?

Reportedly dating ESPN colleague Dave McMenamin, Malika Andrews.

Is Malika Andrews single at this time?

Malika Andrews has chosen to keep her personal life out of the spotlight by never tying the knot.

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