Aditi Mistry: Bio, Height, Net Worth and More

Aditi Mistry: Bio, Height, Net Worth and More

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October 10, 2023

Aditi was born on July 26, 2000. Her 2023 age is 23. Her family and friends call her Aditi. Gujarati model Aditi is young. She is noted for her beauty. Continue reading the post to learn more about her and discover amazing facts. Fitness model and social media influencer Aditi Mistry is Indian. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, she was born on July 26, 2000. Rai University in Gujarat awarded her a Bachelor of Business Administration, aged of 23. Aditi Mistry is a rising Indian entertainer and fitness star. She’s become a popular figure and inspiration due to her outstanding physique, bright social media presence, and admirable determination.

About Aditi Mistry

Name Aditi Mistry
DOB 26 July 2000
Birth Place Ahmadabad, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Gender Female
Profession Fitness Model
Zodiac Leo

Aditi Mistry Bio, Wiki

Aditi Mistry

Aditi Mistry is a famous Indian model. She is from a prominent Ahmedabad, Gujarat family. Her beautiful beauty and engaging attitude have made her a modelling star. Aditi has always loved fashion and wanted to make an impact. Fitness superstar Sahil Khan founded Divine Nutrition, which she works with. Aditi posts photos with Sahil Khan and Divine Nutrition products. Her gorgeous appearance and lovely smile are famous. She’s popular on Instagram. This is the spot to learn about Aditi Mistry (Model). Aditi Mistry’s Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Affairs, Net Worth, Wikipedia, and more are here.

Height, Weight, Measurements, and Stats

Aditi Mistry is 168 cm tall. She weighs 55 kg and measures 36-26-36 inches. Aditi is gorgeous and eats well. She has black hair and eyes. She is attractive and has excellent body measurements.

Aditi Mistry Relatives

She is Hindu and from a well-established family. Aditi Mistry doesn’t reveal her parents’ names or jobs. We found that her father is an entrepreneur, and her mother is a homemaker. She has a younger sister, “Divya Mistry”. She’s also a fashion model.

Aditi Mistry Education

Aditi Mistry

Her hometown school, Sabarmati Girls School, educated Aditi Mistry. Aditi Mistry studied at Rai University, Ahmedabad, after graduating. Aditi earned a BBA.

Personal life of Aditi Mistry

Aditi Mistry’s family is educated. She began her career young. When she was 16, she decided to model. Finally, she got her job at 21. Aditi’s 2023 net worth is 80 lakhs. She makes money in several ways. Aditi represents numerous fitness companies. Hinduism is her faith. Indian citizen Aditi. Her Zodiac is Leo. Aditi lives in Mumbai. She is popular now.

Due to her relationship with fitness model Sahil Khan, her personal life has been in the news. But you know the rumours! Aditi rarely discusses her relationships. She’s excelled professionally! She’s built a name for herself at BodyPower Beach Body and with fitness brands. She has a career net worth of INR 4-5 Crores. Did you know? Her official app debuted in January 2021! A few fascinating facts about her: She loves Michele Morrone, non-veg food, Punjabi artist Mika Singh, and dogs. Additionally, she debuted on Instagram on May 6, 2018.

Wealth and Income

As of 2022, Aditi Mistry’s projected net worth is ₹4-₹5 crore. However, her income is unknown. Her salary is undisclosed. Fitness modelling is her primary source of income.

Aditi Mistry Social Media

Her fans love her provocative Instagram posts. Fans love her look and him openly. Below are the links to their social media profiles, which will take you to their profile pages.

Body measurements, height, and weight of Aditi Mistry

A fantastic 5’3″, Aditi Mistry maintains her weight and beautiful shape. Her dimensions are 36-28-36 inches. Consistency and effort helped Aditi lose weight and stay healthy.

Aditi Mistry Family, Friends, and More

We know nothing about Aditi Mistry’s parents or other relatives. She may not divulge her family, according to specific sources. Some information comes from Aditi Mistry’s parents. Her sister is Divya Mistry, a fashion model and Instagram influencer. Before fitness modelling, Divya designed clothes. The boyfriend of Aditi is Sahil Khan. Their relationship is long-term. Many modelling picture jobs matched Aditi with Sahil Khan.

College and School Information for Aditi Mistry

Aditi Mistry

A solid education helped Aditi Mistry become a model. Her primary schooling was at Sabarmati Girls School in Ahmedabad, and she later attended Gujarat University.

Facts about Aditi Mistry

  • Aditi swims well.
  • She models fitness.
  • Aditi goes to the gym daily and loves it.
  • Hinduism is her faith.
  • She eats vegetarian.
  • Aditi primarily follows fitness Instagrammers.
  • Horseback riding is her favourite.


  1. Who is Aditi Mistry?

Aditi Mistry is an Instagram personality, fashion model, and social media influencer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

  1. Age of Aditi Mistry?

 She’s 22 (2022).

  1. What height is Aditi Mistry?

 Her height is 5’6″.

  1. Aditi Mistry wealth?

 As of 2022, her estimated net worth is ₹4-₹5 crore.

     5.Aditi Mistry’s foot height?


  1. When is Aditi Mistry born?

 She was born on Wednesday, July 26, 2000.


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