How technology is revolutionizing the gambling industry in Brazil

How technology is revolutionizing the gambling industry in Brazil

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April 25, 2023

Our world continues to evolve at a rapid pace. If 20 years ago not everyone in the house could have a computer and the Internet, now you can’t find a person who doesn’t have a cell phone. This shows that technological development is developing rapidly.

Already today all players can compete with people from all over the world, use artificial intelligence to make the process even more exciting and interesting, and use the responsible gaming section to avoid gambling addiction.

Changes in the Gaming Industry Due to Advances in Technology

ai in casino gaming

The following are the main innovations that have greatly influenced the modernization of online casinos.

Personalized Advertising – Artificial Intelligence

The modern industry has also started to incorporate artificial intelligence into their websites. It is a great idea for an online casino to analyze all the online advertising needs of its casino players. Thus, after a clear and quick analysis, it is possible to track the preferences of the customers. Artificial intelligence is a great opportunity to modernize all online casino processes.

For example, if a player has been to the site at least once, he will see recommendations for him on the homepage. These will be tailored according to his needs.

Protection – Artificial Intelligence

Online casino operators continue to actively integrate artificial intelligence into various functions. Now it is necessary to discuss the protection of each player’s mental health.

A reminder about the goal of the game

Artificial intelligence helps make players aware of responsible gambling. It repeats over and over again that online casino is a way to have fun and enjoy experiences, not to make money.

Game selection

Many players who are prone to gambling addiction can go deep into the gaming process. Artificial intelligence actively analyzes all the player’s games and hobbies. And the next time a player logs on, it offers him a product that does not harm his mental health. It selects games that the player will enjoy, but in which he will be less addicted.

Setting personal limits

Each player who plays at a casino that has a responsible gaming section can set different limits. This approach is mandatory for all online casinos registered in Brazil.

Secure Gaming Platform in Brazil

ai in casino gaming

Many players have long been in search of a good online casino that is legal in the country and does not pose a health risk. All of the above criteria are met by the popular betano platform. Here, all players have the opportunity to make profitable bets using the best odds, as well as to play exciting games of chance.

The casino section offers 3000 game titles to choose from. You can choose from the following game categories – slots, table games, live games, progressive games, bingo, special games and much more.

Responsible Gaming

Operators take care to ensure that no player develops a gambling addiction. It is better to apply all possible measures to avoid it than to go through a long road of treatment for the disease.

The company creates an environment in which all players enjoy themselves without risk to their health and financial situation.

Information and options available on the website :

  • Facts about gambling and characteristics that protect the gambler from addiction;
  • Advice on self-defense and awareness through the process;
  • Financial spending limits;
  • The Auto-Advocate feature. You can delete your account temporarily or permanently in order to prevent or treat gambling addiction.

Mobile Application

Betano app is a great way for all players to play securely from anywhere in the world. Most Brazilians like to be away from home and bet using the mobile app. Here you will find all the same features that are available to players in the full version, you won’t find any differences.

To download the mobile app on Android, you need to initially download the betano apk and then finish the download process.

For iPhone users, the process is equally simple. To do this, you need to go to Safari. Your web browser will now be adapted for mobile.

Once a player has downloaded the mobile app or taken advantage of the browser-based version, they can receive exclusive welcome bonuses of 100% up to $300.

Mobile Casino Advantages:

  • Free to download and use;
  • Possibility of betting and wagering anywhere in the world;
  • Functionality is the same as the standard version;
  • Fast download for Android that won’t take long.

It is said that in the near future, artificial intelligence will be trained so well that it will be able to identify a player with a gambling addiction. And in that case, it will set its own gambling restrictions.

The goal of the government and operators is to prevent various addictions. And since gambling addiction is quite common. All operators are trying to solve the problem with modern technology.

Online Tournaments and Game Streamers

technology is revolutionizing gambling industry

A very well-developed Internet network and through it, players from different cities and countries can play together in the same game.  The introduction and modernization of live streaming in online casinos keep this old tradition alive and well, which was established many years ago in traditional casinos.

Streaming on Twitch

All players have the opportunity to play with their favorite streamers on a popular platform, such as Twitch.

They can be connected to it from their account and can replay their bets. For example, if he bets 100 reels, you can follow him and win. This money is transferred to your account, and you don’t even play, just replay the broadcast. The betting provider gives you the opportunity to build your game in this way as well.

New slots are also emerging, where instead of standard reels, everything is built around popular games – like Sapper or Tetris. To play such games, you need specific skills and abilities, not just hopes of luck.

Virtual Reality

This is a great opportunity for players to fully experience the atmosphere of a traditional casino and feel the pressure of excitement. In 2014 attempts were made to introduce virtual reality glasses. But then it was not a success and the attempts were not successful. The reason is that the glasses are not cheap and require a lot of money.

For many years, several modern companies have been working on creating new virtual glasses. Facebook has recently developed goggles that are available to all gamblers.

They should usher in a new era in the world of virtual reality. Now players can not only have fun, but also win real money here.

The goggles are currently undergoing several updates and we can say that they will be available for purchase within 2 years.


The gambling industry gets more and more new technologies every year, and one can only assume that online casinos will be around in a few days. At the moment, one cannot even speculate on what other technologies may be invented and implemented. The only thing to do is to watch, wait and see all the updates.

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