Car Rent in Dubai With Driver

Car Rent in Dubai With Driver

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December 23, 2022

Meta Description: Wondering how to move in and around the city of gold, Dubai? Explore the most convenient means of transportation in Dubai, here.

How to Explore Dubai Conveniently?

Dubai, the land of wonders and mysterious tales, is an ideal tourist destination for millions of tourists across the globe. The reason is that it provides a gateway to thrilling excursions, adventurous experiences, and the opportunity to dive into immense natural beauty. Its history-rich culture, traditional values, and crime-free atmosphere are the main attractions that boost people’s interest.

The city of glam and advanced infrastructure facilitates visitors by every means. Its mysterious roads and the advanced transport system facilitate visitors to easily move to different corners of this heavenly land. Travelers can use public transport, a taxi or cab, and a rental car. However, the comfort, privacy, and low car rent in Dubai with driver force people to prefer rental car services.

Various car rental services are providing a huge collection of cars in different corners of Dubai. Visitors can rent any type and size of the car from the mini-Civic to the mighty Land Cruise at cheap rates. Moreover, the visitors can also live their dream of riding a luxury car through rental car services without disturbing their budget.

Most Convenient Means of Transportation

car rent in Dubai with driver

First-time visitors moving into the city are a bit complicated because of unawareness of the most convenient means of the transport system, traffic rules, and cost. However, online searching or following a tourist guide can help them to select the best way to travel with ease and comfort. For the selection of the best-traveling means, awareness of all possible options and understanding their core features are crucial. Therefore, we listed here all means of transportation to explore the city of glamor and natural beauty with comfort and privacy here; 

  • Metro Train

One of the most convenient ways to travel in Dubai is by metro train. Thus, a highly developed, automated, and a bit luxurious transport system provides easy access to all famous tourist spots. Metro stations are also present near Dubai airports to facilitate passengers.

Dubai metro is divided into two routes, red and green metro. Both provide easy and comfortable access to all tourist places at a very low cost. However, traveling in the metro consumes a lot of time as it has to stop at every station for picking up and dropping off passengers. Moreover, it also does not provide access to the exact location.

  • Public Buses

For cheap means of transportation, public buses are the best choice. Each bus has a specific route. The charges are very low. However, it is not comfortable and also consumes a lot of time. Tourists have to wait for too long at the bus stop and then hire cabs or taxis to reach the exact location after leaving the bus at a fixed stop.

Traveling in a public bus is a hectic task as it has no privacy and you often have to share a seat with other passengers.

  • Dubai Tram

Dubai offers a lot of economic and comfortable choices to travel in and around Dubai. Dubai tram is one of the most widely used public transport in Dubai. Passengers often used it to reach metro stations. It provides easy access to famous tourist junctions also.

Traveling on the Dubai Tram is a bit expensive and time-consuming. 

  • Taxi or Cab

To avoid the stress of public transport, hiring a taxi or cab is another way to move conveniently in Dubai. You can hire a taxi or cab at any place to reach any destination. However, hiring a taxi is suitable for groups or families as it costs heavily. Moreover, traveling in a taxi is also a bit risky for first-time visitors because of scammers and fraud.

  • Rental Car

Almost all tourists desire to travel with comfort and privacy which is only possible by riding a car. Owning or carrying a personal car in Dubai is a daunting as well as money-consuming task. However, tourists can enjoy riding a car in Dubai through rental car services.

Renting car services provide all types of cars from casual to luxury at cheap rents. Customers only need a few documents and a reasonable amount of money to rent a car in Dubai. Moreover, people can also hire a professional driver by renting a car, but it will add to the charges


Dubai, the state of the art, is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs, students, and tourists to explore or witness the immense height of luxury. However, first-time visitors and new residents face difficulties in the selection of the best transport mode. Considering this guide can help them to select the most convenient and economic choice for traveling.

For more ease and comfort, you can also install rental car apps such as One Click Drive and select or hire any type of rental car from the comfort of your home.

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