5 Ways to save money when buying a used car

5 Ways to save money when buying a used car

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Cars, Published On
May 13, 2022

Life’s short and sometimes you just need a new car. Finding one that is in good condition at a less expensive price can be hard, but you can do it by learning how to save on a used car. Whether you are looking for your next family car to take you and yours on long day trips, or if you are looking for a small around town hatchback, follow these tips to learn more about saving money when you buy a second-hand car.

5 Ways to save money when buying a used car

Save money on your next used car:

  • Check the car’s history and buy out of season

A VIN check can give you valuable information about any car’s history, including if it was in an accident or stolen.

When winter hits, you may be able to find better deals on used cars since they stay on the lot longer. This is because they’re easier to sell in the summer when people are looking for beach-worthy rides.

  • Buy certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO) and don’t forget about gas mileage

CPO vehicles go through an extensive inspection and come with extended warranties that leave you protected and covered in case anything happens to your used ride.

Make it a point to check the gas mileage of your next used car and make sure that it is within reason of how far you drive each week. This will help you save on gas when driving on trips or for work every day.

  • Get the right financing before buying new wheels (and try a test drive before buying)

Finding the right Auto Finance Online can be a laborious task, but it can save you significantly on loan repayments.

Test driving ensures that you have an idea of how the car feels, handles, and sounds before you hand over any cash. This will help you make a more informed decision which will leave you much happier with your new car than an old one that has issues.

  • Shop wisely on the web, at auctions, at car shows and at swap meets

It is difficult to find a good deal on a used car unless you know where to look, so before you do anything, do your homework and get as much advice as possible.

While you can find some great deals on used cars at these events, it’s best to start by making sure the car is in good shape which might not always be possible at some auctions – remember buyer beware.

  • Buy from a dealer with the lowest price guarantee

Deals are easier to find when one of the dealers has an official lowest price guarantee program, which means they will beat any competitor’s prices for the same model if the other dealership doesn’t have such an offer up their sleeve.

Take into consideration what makes a car unique to your needs. There are many great cars out there, but only if they are right for your lifestyle and personality. These tips will help you save on a used car by helping you find the right vehicle that fits your budget and lifestyle. Save money on a used car and buying one won’t be so hard after all.

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