Why Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Business Is Important

Why Choosing The Right Promotional Products For Your Business Is Important

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
September 3, 2020

Promotional products are useful tangible items imprinted with an advertiser’s name, logo, or message, designed to increase brand recognition and brand awareness. It is one of the most effective marketing tools and has amazing results and boasts a very nice cost per impression. With all that being said, marketing your business with custom promotional products is however a slow process. Plus measuring it in terms of profits or losses is quite difficult. The main aim of these products is to increase the outreach and recognition of a brand or business while turning prospects into clients.

The PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) tells us that eight out of ten people own at least one promotional product. Out of which 53% use them weekly. Using your branded promotional products, again and again, exposes your brand to the user which may alter their thought and mindset about the brand in a positive way and can cause them to conduct business with you. But sometimes it doesn’t work. One out of five people simply discard and throw away a promotional product that is not of their liking. So when selecting custom promotional products for your brand you will have to think about the consumer and what they want. You don’t want to choose a product that gets thrown away or discarded. Promotional products are great when they offer some sort of return or results otherwise they are just a means of wasting your hard-earned money.

The key is to always select custom promotional gifts that are useful to your customers. This will cause them to use and hold on to your promotional products for a longer period of time. This will display your company’s or brand’s name to numerous other potential customers as well. This might get you some really solid business. You are guaranteed to get positive results if your custom promotional products are designed and made while keeping the audience’s wants and needs in mind. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right promotional products for business that will help you attract solid leads and will increase your business.

Best Tips To Choose The Right Promotional Products For Business

Know your objective

Knowing your objective and having a clear image of what you want is really important. You’ve got to know your goal for using the custom promotional products or you might simply end up spending your hard-earned money for no use. Know what you aim to achieve through your promotional products. Do you want to increase your brand recognition or maybe want to attract high profile people towards your brand? Your motive for marketing will help you decide the product you should go for and the amount of money you should allocate for it. Some high-end promotional products such as wine glasses, shot glasses and etc. are perfect for high-end consumers when you want to wow them but they will be costly. Whereas custom printed t-shirts can be great to increase brand recognition and are perfect to just be handed out and won’t cost you a fortune. So know your goal and choose the products accordingly.

Stick to the basics

With promotional products the options you have are huge. You can simply use anything, brand it up, and give them out. But all the options and ideas can get you to go a little overboard. Large corporations with their massive budgets can afford that for example, The Coca Cola company set up numerous booths in the UAE that offered a free call for the poor ex-pat labors to their home country. All they had to do was put in a Coke bottle cap and call away. Now that is an amazing idea. It Coke one of the most talked-about products in the world. Now they can do stuff like that but we as small businesses cannot. This is why you should stick to the basics and go for products that your consumers find useful and love to receive. You can simply go for custom t-shirts, custom drinkware, custom bags, custom stationery items, or maybe custom technological items like USBs power-banks and etc. Think about your audience and stick to the basics.

Choose products that have high usability and staying power

One of the most amazing advantages of using custom promotional products is that they have the ability to become a regular part of your consumer’s life. When your consumers are using your branded product, it will enable your brand to be displayed to numerous new people and will get your logo /slogan/name unique impressions. This can create interest in the mind of those people and may encourage them to visit you or opt for your services when the need arises. But in order for this to happen, you’ve got to have custom promotional products that have high usability and staying power. For your products to have high usability and staying power you can go for three things.

Make wearable promotional products:

Wearable promotional items are usually loved and adored by the general public. They are used pretty often and have high usability. TO enhance the staying power you should design wearables that are aesthetically appealing. People don’t mind having a nice logo or branding but they will definitely mind it if you put on your sales pitch on the item. Make products that are attractive, which people will actually love to wear outside and not only when going to bed or cleaning the yard.

Make items keeping the weather and environment in mind:

Create items keeping the weather and environment in mind. Now just close your eyes and think about it. Suppose your living in Adelaide and its summertime. What would you do if someone came and gave you a jacket as a promotional product? You’d simply think he’s crazy and throw it away in the back of your closet never for it to see the light of day. However, if a guy comes up and gives you nice custom drinkware or some nice shades you’ll definitely keep them happy and use them. Choose items that match the environment, this will give an added incentive for your consumers to keep and use your promotional product.

Make items that fulfill the needs or solve a problem:

Items that solve a problem will definitely have super high usability. This will make the consumers use it whenever they need to and will hold onto them for future uses. A prime example can be custom face masks. The recent Coronavirus pandemic created a shortfall in the availability of facemasks. A lot of companies started producing re-usable facemasks with their branding and gave them out as promotional products. As that solved the problem people absolutely loved them and started thinking highly about the brand in an instant. Think about the needs of your consumers and how you can solve them. Select products that come in use when the people really need them. Trust me you’ll leave a strong positive lasting impression in the minds of your consumers.

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