What is the difference between Labour hire and casual? 

What is the difference between Labour hire and casual? 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
February 2, 2023

No matter which office, house, or building you visit today, it is always perfectly clean, and all because the managers spare no expense to ensure that the place where their employees spend most of the day looks clean, tidy, and beautiful. Also, it is not only a matter of beauty but also of health itself. Since services of labour agency in Sydney include a full range of works and activities for the full care of furniture, interior items, and more. At the same time, they are not only cleaned of dust and dirt but also disinfected. 

Cleaning of premises from the labor agency in Sydney is distinguished by first-class convenience, a responsible approach to solving the most complex tasks, as well as the use of advanced cleaning innovations. To ensure cleanliness, special professional equipment, and appropriate cleaning products are used.

How To Apply For Work?

As in any sphere of jobs, labor hire agencies offer full-time and part-time positions. Full-time employees are those who have 38 hours of work time per week as it is stated in the contract. They may claim vacations, holiday pay, sick leave, or maternity leave. Part-time positions can include fewer working hours, and the benefits are almost the same but they should be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

The most interesting part is that it is also possible to apply to a labor hire agency as a casual employee too. What does it mean? It means that the employee has an irregular working schedule. A such employee can be hired for a certain shift, but it is not stated. Unfortunately, the benefit here is that you do not tie to just one workplace, you have a flexible workflow. Usually, the salary is much higher for casual employees.  

What Are the Employee’s Responsibilities In Labour Hire Agency In Sydney?

Labour hire

Work is built according to the wishes of the employer. It can be one-time, daily, weekly, evening cleaning, general cleaning after moving, or repair. The plan for putting things in order is built according to the wishes of the client.

The main list of services provided includes:

  • Wet/dry floor cleaning
  • Cleaning dirt from all surfaces
  • Removing dust from office equipment, electrical appliances, mirrors, glass surfaces
  • Bathroom disinfection
  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning walls and furniture of stains
  • Washing windows and window sills
  • Cleaning of heating radiators, air conditioners, and thermal equipment from pollution. 

Additional services can be provided in combination with wet cleaning of the office or separately from it at a prearranged time. The full list of additional services is much more extensive.

To keep the offices of large companies and public institutions clean, it is necessary to maintain a whole staff of cleaners, deduct taxes for these employees, systematically purchase inventory, provide storage space, and incur additional costs. Services of labor hire in Australia will help to optimize office cleaning costs. The therapeutic and prophylactic effect of fresh air in the workplace has been proven by experts, so you should not save on wet cleaning: paying sick leave for employees will cost you much more than the cost of maintaining cleanliness.

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