Top Business Tech Every SME Should Consider (2022)

Top Business Tech Every SME Should Consider (2022)

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
December 14, 2022

In the fast-paced world of small to medium enterprises, keeping that upper edge over your competitors can be difficult. Keeping a beat on top business tech is vital to SME success in the long run.

Today we will cover top business tech that every small to medium enterprise should consider for 2022. Some of these entries might be niche, but we want our article to cover various bases. Let’s begin!

Top Business Tech Every SME Should Consider (2022)

Top Business Tech Every SME Should Consider (2022)

  • Up-to-date RAM Modules

Random access memory (also known as RAM) is essential to every machine you’ll use. Without RAM, it wouldn’t be possible, from smartphones to personal laptops to huge servers that run data centers.

Ensuring that your enterprise has access to up-to-date RAM modules is imperative to the smooth functioning of your machines and, therefore, your business.

RAM modules that are old will inevitably begin to degrade and won’t be as effective. Equally, the software responsible for running the RAM can run it incorrectly, resulting in memory leaks.

Ensuring you have modern RAM modules installed and that all the appropriate software is up-to-date will keep workstations and servers running smoothly.

Invest in Solid State Drives

If you haven’t begun investing in solid state drives, then you should. A solid-state drive is exceptional at speeding up data transfer, read, and write times for any machine that uses one. The downside (because there always is) will be a reduced storage capacity for the solid-state drive, but many values a faster workstation or server over sheer storage capacity.

For instance, running a workstation imperative to your operation using a hard disk drive could be slowing down your ability to boot up your machine and run applications quickly. While the difference may be a few seconds, if it is a few seconds for every application or boot-up, the cumulative effect over days, weeks, and years is a lot of lost time.

Installing a solid-state drive to run an operating system from, for example, is a great way to keep your workstations or servers running effectively and proficiently.

Always Maintain An Offline Storage Device

This may be a strange suggestion, but keeping an offline storage device to hand can save your enterprise a lot of headaches when securing important information. While storing crucial information on an offline drive hinders the speed at which it can be accessed, it does render it impervious to infiltration most of the time.

If you are privy to sensitive information that needs to be protected from internal or external network access, you can store it on an offline drive and only connect it to your network when necessary.

For instance, you may want to protect the following:

  • Financial information
  • Employee information
  • Contracts, NDAs, and other legal information

A simple and easy way to accomplish this is to buy a large external hard drive.

Purchase A High-Quality Switch

The usefulness of a high-quality switch cannot be understated for your SMEs internal networking capacity. A switch can provide all your workstations and servers with an easy, streamlined, and efficient way of communicating without needing WiFi.

While WiFi is a great invention that can save a lot of time for data transfers, it can slow down the efficiency at which large quantities of data are transferred due to bandwidth limitations. Interference from other WiFi signals can also impact how effective WiFi is.

A switch, as it is hardwired with LAN cables, is a great solution, as LAN cables can transfer large quantities of data much faster. The beauty of a switch is that it can interconnect all machines on a network, making it a preferred option for large operations instead of a transceiver.

Buy High-End Network Cards

If LAN cables and switches aren’t applicable for your own SME operation, then it may be time to upgrade your network cards. A lot of businesses will pour a staggering amount of money into buying a powerful router for their operation. Now, a router is important, but without high-end network cards for your machines, your investment in a router may be null and void.

Network cards will improve the WiFi connectivity for your workstations that use them, allowing the workstation to gain a stronger signal and use more bandwidth allocated to it (in simple terms).

If you are having connectivity issues with a high-end router and workstations, this may be the cause.


Always keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to the top business tech out there – it could very well make the difference between landing or losing an account.

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