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Royal Business Solutions

Are you looking for the easiest and seamless transactions in property investment?

In this fast-paced environment, every other firm is running after doubling up its money. Few of them actually look after clients’ interests and securing their investments. Clients themselves refrain to visit any such firms. But you do not need to worry anymore. Because there are certain firms in the market that actually take care of your investment as their personal asset.

Royal Business Solutions

Out of all, We occupy the top rank in the list of these firms. In a limited time period, Royal Business Solutions has managed to serve as a leader in the Real Estate Marketing zone and consultancy sector as well.

Inception & Portfolio

It came into being in 2014. Since its inception, We are working with Habib Rafiq limited. It has managed some of the tops of the lines projects of Pakistan. To name best, Capital Smart City is a megaproject. It is the 1st Smart City of Pakistan. Using advanced technology at a full head of steam for the ultimate convenience of the residents is the main goal of the developers.

Along with that, the versatile Housing Project Chain of Habib Rafiq (Private) Limited, Royal Orchard, is also officially marketed by us. The projects under the banner name of Royal Orchard are developed in Sahiwal, Multan, and Sargodha.

About Capital Smart City

Royal Business Solutions is a Platinum Sales Partner of Capital Smart City. Capital Smart City is a project of Habib Rafiq (Private) Limited and Future Development Holdings (Private) Limited.

It is offering commercial and residential plots. Above all, it introduces Smart Homes technology in Pakistan. These are first of its kind homes that use advanced technology for the ultimate ease of the users.
Capital Smart City is located near New Islamabad International Airport. It is present in the business and economic zone of Capital.


Royal Business Solution strives to promote the Clean & Green Environment. Royal Business Solutions is proudly a part of Green Dream 2022. The mission is to create awareness about the importance of Trees to reduce Global Warming. It is a project of re-shaping Pakistan into a purified and Eco-friendly country. Royal Business Solutions motivating individuals to plant trees and promote greenery.

In the interim, saving trees have been its utmost priority. The world with such a speedy pace where Urbanization, Industrialization & Global Warming is rapidly taking over. In this face-paced and technological world, it is the need of time to shift our attention towards Mother Nature.

Apart from that, it is also promoting local talents in Free Football style tournaments and Tape Ball Tournaments.

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