Procore Pricing vs CoConstruct Pricing – What Perks You Get with These Programs?

Procore Pricing vs CoConstruct Pricing – What Perks You Get with These Programs?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
September 2, 2022

Construction project management systems are becoming more robust and valuable because of the rise of cloud computing and the adoption of software as a service (SaaS). Construction management, electrical estimating, and related industries are only a couple of examples. As a result, other solutions have emerged, with Procore and CoConstruct representing two of the most well-known platforms in their respective industries and workflows.

Each of these programs has a set of tools and resources that can improve your ability to prepare and foresee future estimations. Procore and CoConstruct are employed by hundreds of companies and construction managers globally every day to help them get more done in less time.

The similarities and differences between Procore and CoConstruct seem to be likely what led you here. Keep all of these factors in mind when deciding what action to take. Considerations such as price, user reviews, and available features can all play a role in helping you make a decision. First, we’ll make a rough price comparison between CoConstruct Pricing vs Procore Pricing and what you get under these pricing packages.

Procore Software:

Procore Software was named an emerging company in the INC 500/5000 in 2012 and 2013. Procore, the company, and Procore, the software, are consistently lauded for their excellence. Not only did Procore Software make Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list, but it also took home the Tabby Award for Best iPad Application for Collaboration, which is a hallmark for its efficiency and user-friendliness.

Procore’s project management tools make it easy to maintain tabs on several jobs and provide complete visibility into their progress. The program helps to eliminate the need for multiple takes and increase profit margins by enabling constant collaboration between field staff and office personnel and real-time checking on the progress of current projects.

Benefits of Using Procore Software:

Updated Features:

Procore updated features have been lauded in comparison to other project management platforms. The fact is that Procore Software keeps updating its features to accommodate its client’s needs. The program’s several feature sets, which come at an extra cost but provide a plethora of tools that aren’t often available in a unified platform, have also been recognized. Integrating an RFI with a contractor and change monitoring, capacity planning, tracking, and report generating come as top-notched features making Procore a top-tier platform for managing projects.

Seamless Customer Service:

Procore is the best construction software system for handling the various operational activities of a building project. Its state-of-the-art software claims an impressive rating of over 90% and responsiveness of less than 1 minute for phone enquiries. The number of speciality contractors, subcontractors, and owners using Procore to streamline their business procedures is in the thousands. The growth of the construction industry is reflected in the almost two million people who work in or are otherwise involved in it. And one that is particularly potent is Procore Software.


No issues have been reported with any of the Procore integrations. You can increase continual improvement, set up a more efficient process, and reach your records from anywhere because of Procore’s many integrations. Your project files may now be stored and managed in one convenient location because of Procore Sync.

Procore Pricing:

We don’t have any specific cost information for Procore just yet as it is not publicly available but be assured that it’s more affordable than the alternatives in the building software market. Procore’s prices change from task to task and item to item. Cost savings, efficiency gains, and output will increase proportionally with increased Procore usage.

Demo versions of Procore are available for evaluation before investing in a full subscription. Acquiring a high-level familiarity with the features offered by Procore Software will be helpful.

CoConstruct Software:

CoConstruct Software is a superior choice for organizing construction projects, finances, and customers. It is aimed at custom house builders and building contractors. It enables the synchronization of data from estimations, requirements, preferences, proposals, design changes, and budgeting with QuickBooks Desktop or Online. Smartphone app users have the same flexibility as those who use a desktop computer or tablet in the office when managing tasks on the go.

CoConstruct is a comprehensive construction management software that includes time tracking, file systems, customer and subcontractor administration, task tracking, warranty monitoring, and more. Builders, subcontractors, and other teammates can keep tabs on tasks, coordinate timetables, sync intricate installations, and monitor site activity thanks to the CoConstruct tool, which also facilitates communication. With CoConstruct Software, you can keep your correspondence with clients in one central location, including emails, texts, and SMS messages.

Benefits of Using CoConstruct Software:


CoConstruct’s flexible settings for personalization make it a valuable tool for meeting a wide range of criteria, rules, and preferences. It is possible to modify the software’s capabilities to better meet any individual company’s needs because of its adaptable nature. It enables users to fully take advantage of the CoConstruct program and guarantee that all of their company’s management requirements are satisfied.

Better Communications:

With CoConstruct’s dedicated communication tool, coordinating agents and soliciting their input on ideas and proposals is a breeze. CoConstruct is among the rare construction platforms that can be used to collect, monitor, and organize leads. Still, its communication strengths shine when it comes to establishing and keeping interactions with customers.

Finance Management:

CoConstruct Software integrates seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks, two of the most widely used accounting software packages. For a present user, this means that he can compare the expenses of each work to his actual and projected spending and then issue consistent invoices without hitting their clients over the head with unnecessary recurring fees. Because it generates automatic financial estimates and expense labels for each component and accounts for all changes in the general financial position, CoConstruct is also great at predicting future spending.

CoConstruct Pricing:

CoConstruct Software is available for purchase and comes at a variety of price points. After the first two months, the Standard plan’s $99 monthly fee will increase to $299. However, the Plus plan initially costs $200 per month and then $299 after the initial three months.

You can learn more about the features and functionality of the CoConstruct management software by trying out the demo version at no cost.

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