How to Stop Credit Card Fraud While Buying Online?

How to Stop Credit Card Fraud While Buying Online?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
December 8, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

The prevention of credit card fraud is important, and it is especially important when shopping online from online web stores. Prevention might seem hopeless with the technology available to criminals today.

What is credit card fraud?

An expansive term for fraud performed using a payment card, such as a credit card or debit card, is credit card fraud. The goal might be to procure goods or services or to make transfers to another criminal-controlled account.

Let us have a look at ways on how to stop credit card fraud online.

Techniques on how to stop credit card fraud online

Be careful about who you buy products and services from

To alert you when a website is a threat, install security software, such as AVG – it’s your first line of defense. Buy only from reputable websites that have a valid security certificate; otherwise, you may be dealing with a fake or dishonest version of the actual company. There will be a website address on a secure site that starts with HTTPS://

Verify credibility and physical addresses

Ensure that the enterprise has a physical street address and check that no derogatory records occur through the Better Business Bureau. Phone numbers are not as helpful because, for example, it is easy to get a phone number in New Mexico using the latest technologies. Still, they are located in Ohio, Florida, or even Nigeria. Be on the lookout for sales copies that are very badly written-these are sure signs of careless, easily dishonest enterprises.

Use temporary numbers of credit cards.

Credit card numbers, temporary or virtual, are only for one-time use and cannot be used for any other transactions. Banks have different names for such virtual numbers, but most provide the service and provide easy-to-find links to create a temporary card number on their websites. For an online transaction, use the number like any other credit card number, and it charges your actual credit card number one time. You can also check this detailed article on HackingLoops related to google dorks.

Never answer personal information requests.

Various email scams are demanding your private information to be checked. The email would usually be equivalent to a real bank or merchant and could also take you to a fake website that resembles a lot the real thing. This is considered ‘phishing’ and should be promptly recorded to the provider of your internet access. Never respond, but for any questions, call the number on the back of your credit card or statement instead.

Build complex passwords

Passwords are the gatekeepers to a great deal of internet knowledge. Using complex passwords that are not individually identifiable is one of the most critical of the seven ways to prevent online credit card fraud. A bad password will be ‘susies619’ for Susie Smith, born on June 19th. Using acronyms or terms that are only meaningful to you, then add numbers and modify the situation.

Safeguard and change the passwords frequently.

For everything, do not use the same password and change passwords regularly. Thieves are using machines or guesses based on data that they have to hack into email accounts already. Then on accounts connected with that email address, thieves can modify and modify passwords. On other pages connected with you, hackers will even start using your password to guess.

Do not disclose personally identifiable information.

Social media is an amazing way to keep linked with friends and family, but it can make thieves a convenient target for you. Use false dates of birth, think seriously if you want to check online family connections, and protect your profile from someone you don’t meet and trust. Do a Google check of your own regularly to see if your phone number, address, and other identifying information are easily accessible to criminals online. Following such tricks will help you stay safe during online shopping of your favorite products.

Credit card theft is expensive for our economies and for individuals. Consumers will experience greater peace of mind, armed and inspired with these seven ways of preventing online credit card fraud.

Protect your identity

Credit card fraud prevention and credit card fraud protection are very crucial points. While you can’t protect yourself entirely from fraud or identity theft, if it does, you can take action to minimize the damage. Many individuals are likely to subscribe to credit monitoring security programs because you will potentially supply yourself with the first line of defense by merely being cautious.

In addition, perform annual credit checks to protect your privacy and be very vigilant about the details you post online. It might sound too simple, but diligence really goes a long way towards the online defense of your identity.

Be cautious of expedited shipping when billing and shipping addresses differ.

In case the “bill to and “ship to” addresses are separate and the consumer requests for expedited delivery, there is a strong likelihood of theft. Even you are at higher risk of a fraudulent purchase if the “ship to” address is not similar to the billing address for the card. It is not always a sure sign of fraud that different billing and shipping addresses are (for example, honest customers may order items as gifts). But for all bulk transactions that fit this profile, always call to try to match the phone number as well. One should stay vigilant about credit card fraud detection.

Make sure the IP location and credit card address match up.

Watch out for overseas IP addresses that do not match the address used in the payment on the credit card. On a site like, you can manually search for an IP address. One way to reduce the number of such types of transactions is to limit all IP addresses originating in countries where you do not offer shipping. In order to prevent such visitors from checking out in the first place, simply program your site. Without requiring custom programming, some e-commerce software platforms provide settings for you to block IP addresses. How to report credit card fraud? You can report credit card fraud to the bank. To block the card or the account immediately, one can lodge a formal complaint with the bank and preferably get in touch with customer service.

If you are concerned about credit card fraud while buying online, you can shop on DesertCart. DesertCart is an online shopping service that offers you the best of online retail. They provide you with the ability to buy products from stores anywhere in the world and have them delivered to your doorsteps directly.

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Customers can either pay in cash by a) depositing cash into a bank’s cash deposit machine or (b) making a bank transfer to any of their UAE bank accounts. It is an absolutely safe website to shop on, and you can prevent any credit card fraud while buying online. Here’s how to prevent credit card fraud.

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