Clever Ways To Use Silica Gel As A Moisture Absorber! 

Clever Ways To Use Silica Gel As A Moisture Absorber! 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
September 19, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

It is quite evident that you must have seen tiny packets while unboxing a new product. Do you know what these products are and why they are used for? Well, these tiny packets are usually silica gels. You must have found these packets in every new product that you buy. These silica gels packets are used as Moisture Absorber. These tiny little packets prevent your new product from being damaged by moisture. Almost every manufacturer uses Silica gel while packing their products.

Even some manufactures use Silica gels even after packing their products with pallet wrapper. This helps them ensure the safe delivery of their products to their customers. Now that you know the use of silica gel, you must make sure that every product you buy has a moisture absorber in it. Well, there are several other ways you can use the silica gel as well. You can use it in your day-to-day life.

Some Smart Ways To Use Silica Gel As A Moisture Absorber

Use it to dry your underwater cameras

Although the underwater cameras are waterproof, condensation can sometimes damage your cameras. It may also leave a fog streak on your camera lenses. So, to stop your camera from getting moisture, you should always use silica gel packets in your camera bags. It will help you keep your camera dry.

You can use it to dry a partially wet cell phone

This is one of the most needed knowledge to have. Almost everyone comes across a situation once in a while where they damage their cell phone. This is because they accidentally drop it into a pool or toilet. But do you know, you can still fix it? Yes! You have heard it right! You can fix your water-damaged cell phone. You can use moisture absorbers like silica gel to dry up your phone. You just need to separate the battery and memory cards from your device. Once you remove the battery, keep it in a bowl filled with silica gels. It will dry up your phone and take out all the moisture.

Use it to keep your travel bags dry

No matter when and where you visit, you can now keep your travel bags dry with moisture absorbers. You can use moisture absorber in your travel bags and makeup bags to keep them dry. Silica gels have the best moisture fighting ability that will help withstand any spill.

Protect your photo and documents

You may have noticed your essential documents and photos getting damaged over time. Moisture in your paper documents and photos will make them dull. But you can keep all these documents preserved for a lifetime. Yes! Using Silica gel as a moisture absorber helps you keep your documents dry and clean.

Use it in your wet vacation clothes

There are second thoughts that your vacation will have beach trips and swimming. Vacations without swimming in a pool are always incomplete. But the worst part that you face is carrying those wet clothes back in your suitcase. These wet clothes in your suitcase may also damage other accessories. But silica gel packets can help you keep your suitcase dry. You can keep silica gel packets in your suitcase to dry up your wet clothes.

You can use it to preserve dry foods

You have often encountered that silica gel packets are packed along with the dried food packets. In some cases, you may also have notices moisture absorber in the packets of vitamin Pills. It is because moisture in the dried food can mold and decompose them. But storing silica gels packets along with them will keep them fresh. So, you can use silica gel packets to keep your dried foods fresh for a longer time.

The foggy windshield of the car

You may have noticed your car windshield developing moisture in the winter season. It may appear to be foggy. Even when you use HVAC in your car, you may notice moisture in your windshield. But keeping silica gels on your car dashboard will prevent your car from getting foggy windshield. So, the next time you find the interior of your car moist, use moisture absorber packets to keep it dry.

In conclusion, these were some clever ways to use silica gel as a moisture absorber. Silica gels are toxic to humans. Thus, you should keep it away from kids, babies, and pets.

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