Citizenship by Investment: A Safety Airfield not to Miss

Citizenship by Investment: A Safety Airfield not to Miss

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
November 7, 2022

There are numerous citizenship-by-investment programs on offer: you invest a certain amount of money in the country’s economy (and there are different ways to do that) and get a passport that allows you to enter more countries without a visa, relocate quickly (sometimes with your business), use all the opportunities provided by the new country, and much more. But which one to choose?

And this is a good question because they are not identical:

you will have to invest different amounts in different options and meet specific requirements. Moreover, some programs are more beneficial for large families, while others are better suited for single applicants. We are going to have a quick look at the top options in 2023, but you can read much more on best citizenship by investment programs on our portal and ask our experts any questions that you may have.

Why do far-sighted people get second passports?

  • Opportunities – Better education for your children, more interesting career prospects, stronger asset protection – no matter what your priorities are, you will find something for yourself.
  • Financial and legal framework – Tax planning, the opening of bank accounts, investment options – you can have a better version of all these than you have now.
  • Affordability – There are more and less expensive programs, and you are sure to find something for yourself.
  • Speed – You can get your passport in a matter of no more than two months, and this is an excellent offer. Just compare it to an ordinary way of acquiring citizenship where you will have to spend up to ten years on it – and see the difference.
  • Volatility – Citizenship by investment programs come and go – for instance, the Cyprus opportunity was suspended all of a sudden some time ago. So you need to grab an interesting opportunity if you see it.

Of course, you can do things without participating in citizenship by investment programs – for example, you can have a look at an impressive list of services we provide to manage your offshore wealth. However, you will have to collect documents for each account opening or company formation process time and again – while obtaining an EU investor passport, for instance, will give you easy access to all EU opportunities once and for all.

Let’s take a look at particular offers to benefit from in 2023.


The country offers a quick and affordable program with unique features (in addition to visa-free Schengen):

  • China and Russia will be visa-free for you as well
  • You will be able to obtain a US investment visa (E-2)

Investment options include:

  • A non-refundable contribution ($150,00 for a single applicant, $200,000 for spouses)
  • Investment in state-approved real estate ($220,000) that you will have to own for at least 5 years

The program is recognized as the most prestigious one in the Caribbean, and it is definitely worth it – especially if you need visa-free entry to China, the US, or Russia.

St. Kitts and Nevis

This is the oldest program launched back in 1984, and this is the fastest option of its kind: if you pay an additional fee for the accelerated application process, you will get your passport in 45-50 days. You will get a visa-free stay in the UK, Schengen states, and Russia. And if you decide to live on the island for more than 6 months, you will also be entitled to 0% personal income tax regardless of where it was generated.

Financial requirements:

  • Invest $200,000 in state-approved real estate or make an identical non-refundable contribution


If you are on a tight budget, opt for Dominica. An investor passport will cost $100,000, just like in St. Lucia and Antigua. However, this is a program proven over time as it was launched back in the 1990s.

Popularity inevitably leads to more stringent requirements, though: starting from September 2022, you will have to permanently reside in the country for 2 years and remain its citizen for no less than 5 years. On the other hand, why not live in a paradise on Earth?

St. Lucia

The program has been elaborated fairly recently, and it initially had very tough requirements. However, at present, you can acquire a second passport for $100,000 by making a donation. This is not the only investment opportunity, but the amount differs for each of them:

  • You can buy state-approved real estate at $300,000
  • You can buy government bonds for $500,000
  • You can invest 3.5 million dollars in business and create 3 jobs

The country offers discounts from time to time, and you can subscribe to our portal to be the first to get the news.


This program will be closed from January 2023, so you’d better hurry if you want to catch the opportunity. Montenegro is an official EU candidate member, and it does not offer “pure” citizenship by investment opportunity. You will have to contribute €100,000 to the development fund and another €100,000 to the state budget.

Besides, you are required to make a 5-year investment in the following areas:

  • Real estate in the mountains – €2500,000
  • Property in coastal areas or the capital – €350,000
  • Agricultural industry – €2,000,000 plus 10 jobs
  • Woodworking and fishing industry – €4,000,000 and 3,500,000 respectively plus 20 jobs

Since European countries have a very limited offer of citizenship by investment programs, Montenegro may be an interesting option.


This is an interesting offer for crypto investors as the Pacific state proposes an investor passport in return for investments in cryptocurrency. You will have to contribute $145,000 to the state fund and wait for about two months to get your passport.

If you choose not just a passport but also a country to live in, Vanuatu is not a good choice for you: unfortunately, it is often hit by natural disasters and is hardly suitable for permanent residence.

Follow the first link to read more on these destinations or discover the programs offered by Malta, Antigua, Turkey, and Jordan.

If you are not sure which destination will suit you best, our experts will help you choose the right option free of charge. We will also help you submit documents to avoid rejection.

Enjoy more safety and freedom in life – and be sure to grab an opportunity without shelving it!

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