Brand Tips For Small Businesses

Brand Tips For Small Businesses

Written by Moli Mishra, In Business, Published On
September 3, 2021

Over twenty years of helping brands develop from food to mobile apps, the Quite Great team have gained experience in running campaigns that drive sales and build relevant and exciting media interaction but it is probably the lessons learnt running that are of most interest to the small business entrepreneur when looking at best pr tips for small businesses.

 It is easiest to outline these in bite size bullet points using a simple Top 10 list

  • Online presence is king –

unless people can find you across the globe via google searches then your business model will be minimized from the start. Creating links with relevant business blogs is vital enabling you to highlight business trends and market interest, but focus on what you really know as that will emphasize your expertise in your chosen market.

  • Website clarity –

In line with being found on google – other search engines are available …apparently… make sure when traffic / potential clients arrive, they feel passion for what you do, and most of all that your services are relevant, there is no point – other than traffic for traffic’s sake – in having search engines come up when people are trying to find someone who sells oranges when you specialize in apples.

  • Staff –

once you have grown and are able to employ staff make sure they are of the right quality to fulfill your company and your client’s needs and that they have a clear insight into your aims, aspirations and are trained to cope with the pressures your business goes through the day today.

  • Planning –

Have a clear plan for the year ahead but always understand that market trends and the general economic climate can cause havoc. Give yourself five simple aims for the year and try to achieve at least three of them.

  • Growth –

Grow in line with your capabilities, not your dreams, it is best to reach a point of financial stability rapidly than stretch yourself to grow just for the sake of growing as you may end up simply building a business to pay the bills rather than allowing you to reap any financial benefits.

  • Rainy days –

When I set up the business I was advised that it was important to make sure you were aware that rainy days would come and be prepared especially from a financial standpoint, we have been lucky as rainy days have been few and far between but always make sure you have a financial reserve to help you through any bumps in the road and always make sure you are on top of relations with HMRC.

  • Getting noticed –

In part this is covered by elements of the online search advice but do not forget traditional media and make sure you have strong links with your PR team when they are employed and that they have a passion for what you do and a clear vision of where you are going.

  • Work-life balance –

Get a gym membership or take up a simple fitness regime not just as a healthy body allows you to cope with the stress of running your enterprise but you will also find that the EUREKA moments can come from when your brain is relaxed and that is not when you are in the office faced with the day to day turmoil of problem-solving.

  • Love what you do –

If you lose the love of what you are doing, have a rethink as many people set up businesses but cannot keep things running in the long term, loving what you do is vital to the long-term success of your enterprise.

  • Aim to be the best –

You cannot be the best in all areas but try and find one particular service that you can excel in.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future to help with your enterprise and hope this list has given you some insight into our thinking and how it may link with yours.

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