5 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities

5 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities

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November 11, 2022
Last modified on March 4th, 2023

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” As true today as it was back in the 1920s, this quotation is credited to Helen Keller. One of the best methods for completing tasks and achieving objectives is to work on a cohesive team. Virtual team-building activities promote productive communication and high levels of employee engagement by bringing together remote and hybrid teams.

5 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities

5 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities

The following five Virtual team-building activities are described in more detail below:

  • Virtual Entertainment

A fun, carefree way to spend time together, connect over shared experiences, and establish rapport is through entertainment for virtual teams.

  • Use virtually any streaming service or a third-party solution like Scener to host a virtual movie event or watch party.
  • To simulate a comedy club setting, hire a virtual comedian. There are many options available at Summit Comedy, including hypnotists and corporate comedians.
  • Try virtual karaoke with a Kabloom emcee if your team has a musical background (or even if they don’t)!
  • Visit remote locations like India, Spain, France, or other countries with a company like Woyago.
  • Virtual Dining

Socializing with coworkers over meals is one aspect of office life that many remote workers miss. These online dining options will promote teamwork.

  • Many virtual workplaces have rekindled conversations by planning time to chat with Donut at the water cooler.
  • According to this guide to hosting virtual lunch meetings, doing so is almost as simple as scheduling a regular meeting.
  • Plan a guided wine tasting or a beer and cheese tasting box through a business like Unboxed Experiences for a remote happy hour.
  • Virtual Games

The first ten minutes of a meeting could be dedicated to playing games together or done separately. Competitive employees will relish the challenge. Non-competitive employees will delight in witnessing their coworkers’ antics.

  • Use a platform like We’ve to play a remote game like trivia or a scavenger hunt.
  • Themed escape rooms, like those provided by Escape, LockedinattheLake, contain puzzles and hints that promote teamwork.
  • Team members can bond over themed murder mysteries from My Mystery Party and other series.
  • Virtual Classes

Together, learning something new is a team-building activity that fosters strong relationships. It might also surface hidden common interests between coworkers.

  • Take a cooking or mixology class taught by an instructor through a company like Rockoly.
  • Painting to Gogh offers team painting events where you can explore your artistic side.
  • Join Krafty Lab for a virtual yoga or mindfulness class to refocus your team.
  • Using Team – Bonding as virtual that improves training and skills.
  • Virtual Team Development

5 Exciting Virtual Team Building Activities

Team development is crucial to a successful team leader’s virtual team-building toolkit.

The effects of individual personalities on team dynamics and performance are revealed by data-driven team development. The process of development aids team members in understanding their place within the group and how their contributions fit the group’s needs. Then remember that you can even use a virtual office if you need to, as this is a great way for a business to operate and they can handle some tasks like call answering for you too.

The Best Scavenger Hunt Apps

If you’ve ever participated in a well-planned team-building activity, you know it’s a great way to foster communication and trust within any group. It is a fantastic way to get to know each other because of this.

The core features of every scavenger hunt app are the same. You can make assignments for teams or specific players to finish using them. Some of them include a map to assign tasks to particular places. Make sure that during the game, all your players use smartphones with data and GPS enabled.

  • GooseChase

Image Source- goosechase.com

A platform for DIY scavenger hunts is GooseChase. This means that you can create a theme from scratch or select one from the app’s “mission bank” of pre-existing themes. You can get ideas from the company’s blog if you create a special treasure hunt. Resources such as 15 original scavenger hunt ideas or 15 clever scavenger hunt ideas are available.

Once satisfied with the outcome, you can start the hunt by sending it to the participants’ smartphones.

Participants use the app to upload photos to complete missions. The tasks can change and occasionally involve approaching strangers and persuading them to play the game. The team (or individual) that accumulates the most points at the end of the game wins. Each mission has a specific point value.

  • Locanda

Another website that provides pre-made scavenger hunts is Locanda. What’s more intriguing is that they’re not just games but also quests that require you to make choices. Depending on what you decide to do, the story develops and changes.

To help you learn more about your surroundings while you’re outside or in a completely different city while sightseeing, Locandy offers interactive multimedia games. Users can access the app and all games for free. Before starting, each one must be downloaded separately. However, after that, an internet connection is not even necessary. Enabling your GPS is sufficient.

You can contribute if you like the Locandy app and the scavenger hunts it offers. Requesting an author account will allow you to start making your Locandy games, which you can then distribute to other users.

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