5 Actionable Workplace Conflict Resolution Strategies By Funchatt

5 Actionable Workplace Conflict Resolution Strategies By Funchatt

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
August 12, 2022

Whether you are chatting with your friends face-to-face or on social media platforms like Funchatt, where people go to have casual chit-chats and share jokes, conflict can arise. If not well-managed, conflict can cause frustration and reduce productivity, especially if it happens in a work environment.

Some types of conflicts can be easily identified and resolved by the parties involved, while others may need the intervention of someone with good knowledge of conflict resolution strategies. Some of the things that cause conflicts include negative attitudes, irritating responses, and other annoying events that repeat themselves with time.

Note that not all conflicts may require intervention, but anything that can cause disruption surely does need to be checked. The degree of conflict is what determines whether a conflict resolution strategy needs to be applied or not. For example, a conflict that arises between you and another person on Funchatt may not need any intervention if it is minor in nature. But if a conflict arises in the workplace, then it may need some kind of intervention. Ignoring conflict in the workplace may lower productivity levels. So it needs to be resolved before things get worse.

Here are 5 of the workplace conflict resolution strategies you need to know about:

  • Understand the issue at hand

Don’t rush into resolving a conflict or try to offer a solution if you don’t know the root cause of the problem. Always hear both parties involved in the conflict as they explain the problem. This enables you to understand the issue and know how to handle it better.

  • Acknowledge the issue

In conflict, problems may appear smaller on the surface but very big on the inside. Someone may tell you something that seems trivial to you, but to them, it is a huge problem. The lesson here is to try to acknowledge the problem and show concern. This is a very important step in resolving any conflict.

  • Always be patient and take your time

As we have already mentioned, listening to both sides is important while resolving conflict. To do this you will need to be patient. Let the parties know that you are concerned and are ready to hear them and help resolve the issue.

Take your time to evaluate all the information you are getting. Being too quick in decision-making can cause more harm than good. You may end up making the wrong decision of offering a biased solution if you are not patient.

  • Don’t intimidate anyone, instead focus on the problem

Do not mislead yourself into imagining that emotional response or coercing others will provide a lasting answer. The issue will probably come up again. At that point, in addition to the original issue, you’ll also need to deal with any resentment that has been simmering underneath all this time.

Even if it seems like one person is more wrong than the other, or the other person is known to cause problems, it does not mean you have to view them as the problem. It is important to focus on the root cause of the problem by analyzing every event that led to the conflict. Remember, you are trying to eliminate the problem and not the people who caused it.

Focusing on the problem is a great conflict resolution strategy because it allows you to come up with a suitable solution in the end. If in the end, you notice that one individual is the problem, you will still need to address them respectfully.

  • Create guidelines and keep communication open

Get both sides in the conflict to acknowledge a few meeting guidelines before holding a formal meeting with them. Ask them to speak calmly and as emotionlessly as they can. Also, ask them to agree or try to understand each other’s viewpoints. Inform them that the meeting will stop if they breach the rules.

Your main focus is to try and help both conflicting parties to resolve the issue among themselves. Therefore, allow them to express their views while giving your perspective. Let them point out issues causing conflict and how to eliminate them.

Once you have gathered all the information and talked to all people involved in the conflict in real life or in Funchatt, you will need to act decisively. Don’t leave the issue hanging as this will not help to solve the conflict. Instead, it will cause you to start the process all over again the next time you meet the parties. Not everyone is going to agree with your decision, but it is better if they know where you stand.


Conflict can occur in any communication environment. Even when you are chatting with your friend on a communication site like Funchatt, a joke that was not well thought out may cause conflict. Some conflicts can be solved by a simple apology. But some conflicts can only be resolved using a comprehensive conflict resolution strategy.

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