Double Your App Installs With These Mobile Application Marketing Tips

Double Your App Installs With These Mobile Application Marketing Tips

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Apps, Published On
April 15, 2021
Last modified on May 22nd, 2021

For any app to succeed, you must build visibility and sell your idea to the target audience in addition to executing a killer idea and creating an app.

There is no denying that digital is an important part of the marketing campaign in today’s world. Both rivals and potential buyers are now present on the internet, rendering digital marketing a necessity. So, the best way to double your app installs are available below.

Fastest Ways to Make More People Install Your Mobile Applications

Here are some of the best ways to promote your mobile applications with the right strategies.

  • Tell People Your Story

The best way you can promote your app is to tell people about your story. No one would like to install your app if they don’t know who you are and why you are so invested in an app. After all we all are humans right? So, we connect with people who tell us stories instead of promoting apps on your face. So, the best way to get more app installs is to tell people about what they are going to get.

  • Tell People Your USP

Second best way to promote your app is to tell people about your unique selling point. If you are looking to get people to know what they will get out of your application is to tell them about your unique selling point. Find out what will be the best way to tell your USP.

If you don’t have a USP yet, find one. You should have one even if you are in a highly competitive market. Maybe it is trust, maybe it is something else. Find it. Now, use that to market your product or application to the users.

  • Promote On All Avenues

One mistake that most people make when marketing application installs is that they don’t use all avenues to market. So, try all methods available. Promote your app on the ground, through billboard advertisements, ,through radios and TV channels. Also, promote it through digital mediums. If you have a following on social media, use that. Run ads. Also, use YouTube to promote your app if they do something for the local market. There are so many channels available that you can use. So use all of them.

  • Try Affiliates & Referrals

Now that you have tried other ways, turn your customers into referrals. If you have customers turning into referrals, you will automatically get more customers. Give points or cashback to customers when they refer someone. Because this is the best way for them to bring in more customers, and for your to double your revenue.

Similarly, ask bloggers, influencers, and various others to become your affiliates. When you have affiliates marketing your application, you will automatically get more app installs.

  • Do ASO for Apps

Next, start application search optimization so that you can get found directly on the app store. If you have too many users searching for apps similar to yours directly on the app store, they can find you and install your app. This is a BIG, BIG advantage for you because you won’t be paying anything for app search optimization/app store optimization.

So, do ASO for your app, get more reviews, get more links to your apps, get more eyeballs to your apps and that is it.

  • Get More Ratings and Reviews

As we were discussing ASO, ratings and reviews play a major role in all that. So, go for ratings and reviews. Ask your customers to rate you more. If they rate you more, you will get more customers because of the TRUST FACTOR available. So, go for that. Ratings and reviews are easy to get when you have too many customers available. And, when you have them, you can get more customers from them. This will hit your bottom-line.

  • Launch a Website

Your app can get space on the app store, but it can’t get space on the search engines. So, launch a website that can do that for you. Once your app is turned into a website, you can market to even more people and capture more share of the market where you work. So, do that. Now do SEO for the website and market your product like crazy.

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