10 Alternatives Of Mangastream

10 Alternatives Of Mangastream

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Alternatives, Published On
May 8, 2023

Mangastream is a treasure trove of Japanese comics, Manga, anime, and fictitious adventures popular with readers of all ages. Many people now watch their favorite anime episodes online, and others keep entire hard drives full of their collection. Fans of comic books can get their hands on dozens of different digital series to read whenever they choose. Hundreds of admirers can also be found on Reddit, where they speculate about the future of their manga comics.

Best Alternatives to Mangastream for Streaming Manga Online

  • MangaOwl


When looking for an alternative to mangastream, one of the best options is MangaOwl. They are well known among the users for posting WSJ episodes before they air on television. This application comes with fifty-two Manga categories. From the manga collection page, users can also submit Manga for consideration. Each manga episode has its user rating, which could be useful for finding a decent series to read.

  • Mangadex


Mangadex combines a manga reader with a fan community. Like Scribd, you can only read documents online rather than download them. Several site administrators and moderators are constantly monitoring user activity. While Mangadex is cost-free, the upkeep of the program and server is not. As a result, it relies on Bitcoin donations from its devoted audience, who gladly contribute to the site’s upkeep.

  • Mangatown


If you’re looking for an authentic substitute for Mangastream, look no further than Mangatown and its comprehensive collection of graphic novels. For example, webtoons and Reverse Harem stories are extremely hard to find elsewhere yet may be read for free on our site. Mangas in Mangatown can be categorized as completed series, new, or ongoing. Comics from the Completed series are available here, with the earliest issues appearing in 1999.

  • Ten Manga

Ten Manga

If the closure of Mangastream has left you feeling down, then you should check out this site. Ten Manga is positioned to win the manga wars with its extensive library (over 25 categories and several thousand titles). You could read it in the web browser itself, or you could get the Manga Dogs app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and read it there. As you type, the search bar will suggest possible results. If you are unsure about the type of manga you want to read, the website can choose one at random.

  • Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn

Manga Reborn claims on its About page that it is an authorized resource. There is only the official translation into English from Japanese, and no scanlation is available. The site solicits financial support, which it then distributes to contributors. The site claims to promote manga culture through legitimate channels. It’s like SoundCloud, but for manga fans. Popular manga series are not available here because of the law. Manga Reborn primarily features independent productions.

  • MangaKakalot


MangaKakalot’s biggest feature is undoubtedly its pristine user interface. There are no distracting advertisements, and when you move the mouse over a title on the home page, a brief description appears. Definitely a handy addition. The summaries are also fairly in-depth; they don’t sound like they were written by a high schooler in a hurry.

  • Mangareader


The number of people using MangaReader has increased over the past few years. The site’s translations are well-regarded, and the site as a whole is quite well-liked. There are no visual tiles like on most manga sites, instead providing straight links to the beginning of each tale. That makes it seem less upscale, but the content more than makes up for the visual flaws.

  • Kissmanga


Kissmanga is an open-source platform for sharing manga at no cost. There are no catch fees, and the interface is straightforward. The menu has only three options: Home, Manga List, and Contact Us, so the site can be accessed quickly.  The latest updates and chapters from ongoing manga tales and the most popular mangas are featured on the homepage. In-depth information can be found on the Manga List page. Several options allow you to rearrange the list, including alphabetical order, star rating, and total pageviews.

  • Mangago


Even though it’s still in beta, the site already has several hundred titles available. When you click on a story, a full-screen reader opens up in a new tab, free of adverts and other distractions. Scans are not of good quality, but they serve their purpose. Mangago requires registration for membership. However, visitors can view the site as guests without creating an account. The top five mangas in the most popular genres are listed, which is nice. It makes it simple for a new reader to find the top fifty manga titles and dive in.

  • Mangapark


The site has more manga titles than any other I’ve seen (61,000 and counting). Mangapark has a lot of titles, but it doesn’t summarize any of them. The only information provided is a summary of the chapter’s genre and length.  The theme color was customizable; I found the basic light blue appropriate. There is an option to restrict access to inappropriate material. It’s a great resource for finding fresh manga to read daily because there are no annoying pop-ups to close.

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