I-Tree Eco Alternatives | Similar Sites Like I-Tree Eco

I-Tree Eco Alternatives | Similar Sites Like I-Tree Eco

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Alternatives, Published On
March 20, 2023

The I-Tree Eco internet portal was created to meet the growing international interest in assessing and managing the benefits of urban trees. This software provides a tool that allows users to evaluate the structure and function of trees in urban environments and their economic value. Furthermore, it enables you to inventory trees in a particular region in detail, including species, size, and position information. I-Tree Eco aids in the prevention of floods and droughts, as well as the improvement of water quality. Users can make better decisions about maintaining and improving the ecosystems that sustain them.


  • Internet portal
  • Enhances water quality
  • Improve the ecosystems
  • Job Administration
  • Scheduling

Top 10 I-Tree Eco Alternatives

  • ArboStar


ArboStar is a business management software that centralizes and optimizes all user business initiatives, tasks, customers, staff, and more. This program’s easy-to-use interface allows users to manage their enterprises efficiently. ArboStar assists users in creating and managing projects, assigning work to team members, and establishing project schedules and deadlines. Individuals can also track the time spent on each work and develop reports to examine the productivity and efficiency of their team.

  • SingleOps


SingleOps is a business management system for field service firms. It enables users to handle jobs from start to completion, including invoicing customers. Users can check job history, make appointments, assign personnel, and follow job progress. It provides a centralized database for managing client data such as contact and billing information. Furthermore, SingleOps allows users to easily access and edit client information and contact them directly from the app.

  • EOSDA Forest Monitoring

EOSDA Forest Monitoring

EOSDA Forest Monitoring is a platform allowing users to access vast amounts of Earth observation data easily. It enables you to view a comprehensive examination of environmental changes throughout time. Forest monitoring is a crucial ESODA application because it allows researchers and decision-makers to track changes in the forest. EOSDA Forest Monitoring examines and analyses the impact of human activities on forest ecosystems.

  • Ganinimobile


Ganinimobile is software that allows users to collect and aggregate data by replacing physical papers with mobile devices. This software will enable users to access their needs conveniently. Ganinimobile provides various advantages for data collecting, including enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility. This website can lessen the requirement for manual data entry and the danger of errors or lost papers. Ganinimobile is a similar piece of software for your company or group.

  • Forestree


Forestree is a modern tree management tool that assists individuals and businesses in managing their tree inventories. It employs various technologies to offer extensive information and aid in tree care planning and decision-making. Forestree can be used by multiple users, including landowners, forestry experts, and arborists. Users can use this software to keep track of their tree inventories, schedule maintenance jobs, and generate reports. A strong internet connection is required to access Forestree.

  • Woodmart


Woodmart is a well-known WordPress theme for building eCommerce websites. This theme is intended for online shops selling wood or wood-related products. It is famous for its contemporary look and compatibility with well-known eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce. Woodmart’s clean and modern design helps present user items in an appealing and professional manner. It provides advanced product search filtering capabilities, allowing users to find products quickly and conveniently.

  • Epicor LumberTrack 

Epicor LumberTrack 

Epicor LumberTrack is a robust software solution for the timber and construction materials industries. Streamlining operations and offering real-time information can assist businesses in increasing productivity, revenue, and growth. Epicor LumberTrack gives visibility into sales, inventory, and other essential business parameters, allowing companies to make better decisions. It is simply accessible to users with a single click. This software is frequently used to boost income and growth.

  • Timber Exchange

Timber Exchange

Timber Exchange is a global forestry sector ecosystem that strives to build a more efficient and sustainable marketplace. This platform connects buyers and sellers to ease the purchase and sale of timber products. It frequently offers a variety of tools and services to help buyers and sellers connect and transact more efficiently. Timber Exchange also provides various sustainability-focused services to help ensure that timber products are sourced and maintained ethically.

  • Forest Metrix

Forest Metrix

Forest Metrix is a forestry software application for mobile devices. Users can utilize their mobile devices to collect, store, and analyze forestry data. This software includes GPS mapping, photo tagging, and data entry forms to assist users in quickly collecting forest inventory data. Forest Metrix has GPS mapping technology, allowing users to display their data points on a map and chart their timber cruising itinerary.

  • Kickserv


Kickserv is field service management software that assists small enterprises in managing their field operations. It provides solutions to help businesses with task management, scheduling, invoicing, and customer communication. Kickserv’s drag-and-drop interface allows firms to arrange appointments for their field staff. Users may check who is accessible, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time. Kickserv streamlines invoicing and payment by integrating a configurable invoice template.

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