Asura Scans Alternatives | Similar Sites Like Asura Scans

Asura Scans Alternatives | Similar Sites Like Asura Scans

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April 23, 2023

Some of the best-known shonen and seinen manga series ever published may be found on Asurascans, an online manga reading portal. Unfortunately, it was taken down in April 2021 due to technical issues. This has led many manga readers to search out other Asurascans to enjoy. This article will cover some of the most frequently asked topics regarding Asurasans as well as provide a detailed analysis of 10 alternative manga reading platforms.

Where Did All the Asurascans Go?

While the precise cause of Asurascan’s demise remains unknown, the site’s apparent termination in April 2021 likely can be attributed to severe technological issues. Some have hypothesized that the site’s termination was the result of an overwhelming number of users. In addition, there may have been problems within Asurascans’s own team that led to the shutdown. There is no doubt that Asurascan will not be returning any time soon, despite recent rumors to the contrary.

Top 10 Alternatives Of Asura Scans

  • Mangachill


Mangachill is a popular fan-scanlation website that places an emphasis on speedy turnaround times and user-friendliness. Their whole catalog is stored in the cloud for instantaneous access and downloading. There is no need to waste time clicking through pages of manga titles because of their user-friendly interface. Mangachill also features regular updates, website-wide trending recommendations, and occasional surprise announcements. Mangachill is your one-stop shop for both standalone stories and ongoing series.

  • MangaOwl


MangaOwl is a website that offers a wide variety of manga series to its users. It’s simple to set up and use, and it lets you sort your bookshelves by author or genre. In addition, new chapters are available on MangaOwl as soon as they are published every Sunday night (UTC). Readers can save time and effort thanks to smart search and filtering options.

  • MangaBuddy


MangaBuddy is the best manga reading app ever made. Find other people who share your passion for manga, make your own profile, and join discussion groups. Always know what’s coming out next in your favorite action, comedy, drama, and other genres. MangaBuddy also features unique editorial content written by industry professionals. Find exclusive recommendations from leading critics and industry insiders. With MangaBuddy, you can maximize your daily manga reading time.

  • KunManga


KunManga is a huge manga database with tons of different sections and thousands of different titles. It has powerful search filter capabilities so that users may quickly locate their preferred series or writers. KunManga also has a community forum where readers may talk about the latest chapters and releases.

  • Reaperscans


Manga readers can enjoy something truly special at Reaperscans thanks to their selection of original works. All of their translations are completed in-house, guaranteeing you the highest possible standard. In addition to being able to bookmark series, write comments on chapters, and donate to your favorite scanlators, Reaper Scans also allows for memberships and donations. Reaperscans is a true utopia for fans thanks to its knowledgeable crew and massive collection.

  • is the best online video service for manga and anime aficionados. You can always find something to watch because we have over 30,000 titles ranging from old favorites to brand new releases. It also hosts original programming and user-created content that can’t be found anywhere else. is the place to go whether you want to binge-watch your favorite genres or are looking for a specific series.

  • Zinmanga


Zinmanga is a comprehensive online manga library. It has everything from the latest releases to old favorites and even obscure gems you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, Zinmanga offers compiled sets that facilitate the discovery of previously unrecognized gems. Zinmanga is the best place to indulge your manga curiosity because of its extensive genre coverage, attractive bundle pricing, and unique extras like fan clubs.

  • NewToki


NewToki is an extensive manga reader with its own collection of digital comics. Its user-friendly design allows you to quickly find the tales or writers you’re looking for with minimal effort. Memberships to NewTogi’s various tiers grant users access to premium features like chapter updates, competitions, and polls.

  • 1stKissManga


Manga readers can find whatever they want at 1st Kiss Manga. The website provides something for everyone thanks to its extensive collection of manga and original stories. It includes not just the most recent releases but also old series and undiscovered gems, which may be explored at your leisure. In addition, 1st Kiss Manga connects you with other fans all over the world through exclusive opportunities like autograph signings and fan clubs.

  • WcoForever


For all you manga lovers out there, WCOForever is the place to be. WCOForever offers an extensive library with works from both Japan and throughout the world. You’ll also never miss out on the newest releases thanks to special content like interviews with renowned authors and critics.

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