13377x Altrernatives | 13377X Similar Sites

13377x Altrernatives | 13377X Similar Sites

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May 20, 2023

The newest in anime, TV series, movies, games, music, and software can all be found on 377x, making it one of the greatest torrent sites. The site’s valuable features are weekly roundups of the best and most popular torrents. However, it only sometimes guarantees a great user experience, which forces people to look for the best 1337x alternatives.  Several broken torrent file download links can be found on the site. You may be sent to a malicious website if you click on a torrent file to learn more and complete the download. In addition, it floods you with annoying advertisements, some of which may contain malware and damage your computer. You may lessen the impact of these problems and enhance your downloading experience by switching to an alternative.

Top 10 Alternatives Of 13377x

  • Nyaa


Nyaa is a great option to think about using instead of 1337x. When downloading anime, this site is the best and most trusted option. Anime torrents are available in various languages, with information about the number of seeders, upload date, file size, and whether other users have commented. You can look for a specific torrent by entering a keyword into the search field or using filters to narrow down the torrent results. The torrent files on the homepage are organized by category. In addition to anime, Nyaa facilitates the rapid download of various other media types.

  • iDope


iDope is just a search engine, but it is one of the most reliable options thanks to its fantastic dark web functionality. iDope provides users with access to the dark web and allows them to download their preferred torrent files. The torrent site provides users access to a vast material library that spans virtually every topic of interest. The website’s UI is user-friendly and optimized for mobile users in addition to the content library. It implies that using iDope on a mobile phone to download torrents is straightforward.

  • Torrentz2


When seeking suitable alternatives to 1337x, Torrentz2 should also be considered. As a potent metasearch engine, it scours the web for torrent files, which you can download. Since it does not save torrents, it is hard to know if the one you are about to download is legitimate. Because of this, the download speeds are subpar. Torrentz2 returns a large number of results when a search query is entered. The torrent file also includes a detailed description and information about the website from which the items were downloaded.

  • The Dirty Torrents

The Dirty Torrents

Regarding legitimate torrent downloads, Dirty Torrents is right up there with the top alternatives to 1337x. It is a website where users of Linux and Mac computers may find and download various media files. It has a straightforward design that is reminiscent of popular torrenting services.

  • ExtraTorrents


ExtraTorrents, created in 2006, is also an excellent alternative to 1337x. More than two million people use it every month because of the wide variety of downloadable media available, including anime, software, movies, TV series, games, books, and music. Users can also access and download previously unseen images and audio recordings. Each category on the site lists the top 10 most downloaded torrents.

  • TorrentGalaxy

torrent galaxy

TorrentGalaxy is a reliable resource for downloading high-quality popular media such as anime, TV episodes, movies, and video games. It offers a straightforward design and makes downloading files a breeze, making it a top alternative to 1337x. Torrent files can be downloaded from a large selection of media. The webpage organizes torrents into categories and displays all the necessary data about each torrent. The top torrents of the week are also highlighted on the site.

  • Demonoid


Demonoid is a new torrent downloading service that only restricts access to its torrent files to registered users. In order to join, you will need an invitation code. This alternative to 1337x is great because it does not disrupt your viewing experience with intrusive advertisements. In addition to its extensive material library and quick download speeds, it also provides an RSS Feed for every category. Various catalogs are available for torrent download. The site’s crowning achievement is that material may be downloaded in so many different tongues.

  • TorrentFunk


Instead of using 1337x, TorrentFunk is a better choice. It is a prominent torrenting hub that hosts over 10 million torrents across many categories. The torrent database is so large that any torrent file can be located through a simple search. Alexa shows that MagnetDL, one of the greatest alternatives to 1337x, has many visitors because of its search engine-like design, but it is also very well-organized and simple to use.

  • BiblioTik


Regarding torrenting audiobooks and ebooks, BiblioTik is a strong alternative to the popular 1337x. Here you will find every book ever published, both new and old. The fact that there are books available here in more than one language is still another plus. In order to access your desired torrent file, you will either need to donate to the site or have an invitation code. Unfortunately, the torrent site is not accepting donations, so you must wait longer to enjoy this service.

  • The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been there since 2003 and is yet another excellent replacement for 1337x. It is a top choice among torrenters because of the variety of media (video, audio, software, etc.) that users may access and download. You may better understand what each file entails thanks to its brief description, which includes a synopsis and a list of genres. There are translations of the site into about 35 tongues.

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