10 Alternatives Of Himovies 

10 Alternatives Of Himovies 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Alternatives, Published On
May 25, 2023

Himovies was a popular website for streaming TV series and films, but it is no longer available. Once a fantastic streaming choice with a tonne of content, it was forced to shut down in April 2019 due to legal difficulties. However, there is still hope because many options are functionally equivalent to himovies.

Where Did All the Himovies Go?

In April 2019, Himovies’ administrators settled with the MPAA to permanently remove the service from various domains and social media accounts after facing legal trouble. Even though it offered a wide variety of films, TV shows, and other forms of media, much of it was uploaded or hosted without the permission of the respective copyright holders.

The unexpected closure of such a popular streaming service left many fans disappointed. Two years after it was taken down, many people still wonder what became of himovies. Thankfully, the platform’s extensive catalogue is comparable to various other entertainment options.

Top 10 Alternatives Of Himovies

  • YoMovies


If you’re bored and want to watch free films online without downloading them, this is the place to be. YoMovies has my full support. This is one of the newest sites where you can watch films for free, but not many people know about it. It is the best option to HiMovies. People who use the internet often look for free movie sites. Unfortunately, most of the sites they find are scams and virus sites. So, I definitely suggest YoMovies as a safe place to watch films online.

  • MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy has a huge collection of good films and TV shows. Anyone who wants to watch HD movies for free without making an account or seeing ads can use the site. If you want to find old films, MoviesJoy is a great place to go. The site is a lot like HiMovies and is very easy to use and flexible in how it can be accessed.

  • Seriestv


Seriestv is another great viewing option. It has a wide range of American and international TV shows, including some that you can’t find on US-based sites like Netflix or Hulu. It also makes it possible for material to load quickly, and movies can be watched without waiting for buffering or seeing low-quality images.

  • CMovies


People think of CMovies as a choice to HiMovies because it is also a great site for watching movies. You can watch any movie for free on it. CMovies has a huge collection of films, from the very first ones to the most current ones. This option to HiMovies is split into sections based on what you want to watch. Be careful when watching movies with an older person, because CMovies also have adult material. Tired of the annoying ads that pop up when you watch your favourite movie? If so, CMoviesHD is exactly what you need.



Who doesn’t know what TFPDL is? It is one of the best and most famous movie-watching and movie-downloading websites. If you like anime and cartoons, you can watch your favourite video on this site, which is the main reason why it is so famous. The website is easy to use and has hundreds of pages of information. It’s easy to watch free films online on this, one of the best sites like HiMovies.

  • FMovies


FMovies is a group of websites that link to and let you watch films and TV shows online. You can watch your content live by clicking on a link, or you can directly download it from the sources and watch it later. At the time, this idea was new, which made FMovies more famous on the market. If you can’t find a link to the website on a site, you can use a different extension to get to it, such as FMovies.io or FMovies.is.

  • Gomovies


One of the best sites like HiMovies is GOmovies. It gives you a great place to watch films online for free. By adding a theme section to GOmovies, users will find it easier to watch the movie they want. You go to the section for genres and choose the type of films you want to watch. GOmovies is a great site, even though it has a lot of pop-ups and ads. This is one of the best places similar to HiMovies where you can easily watch free films online.

  • HDtoday


HDtoday is a great choice for people who want high-quality material, like what himovies used to offer. It has parts for full movies, shows, cartoons, and documentaries. New movies are often shown on the front page, so viewers don’t have to look very hard to find what they want. It is also easy to use because it has a user-friendly layout.

  • IMDb


IMDb, which stands for “Internet Movie Database,” is one of the biggest websites that is all about movies, TV shows, and games. It has information on more than five million titles, including cast and team members, plot summaries, and thorough reviews from fans all over the world.

  • Pure Flix

Pure Flix

A great option is a site that only has Christian material, like Pure Flix, which has a wide range of inspiring films, documentaries, and TV shows that can be rented or bought for life. It also gives discounts to people who sign up and look at three or more titles from their library every month.

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